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Like global options , header option is also easy to use. All the headers are same to configure. Once you know how to make Top header, you can easily make Mid header and Main header.

Before starting header , first Go to Dashboard -> Appearance – > Theme options -> Header – > Logo/ Site branding

You can :

  • Upload logo, change site title, site tagline and site icon.

Note: Top, Mid, Main tabs represents in which header you are placing your logo and site branding.

Top header

Go to Dashboard -> Appearance – > Theme options -> Header – > Top Header

You can:

  • On/off header
  • Set visibility on desktop/tablet/mobile
  • Drag and drop prebuilt sections to Grids ( Grid 1, Grid2 Grid 3)
  • Change grid width in % (Note: clear % value and sum of 3 grids must be 100)

Design & Styling

You can:

  • Change Section background color, background image, overlay
  • Change container background color
  • Change Padding , margin border etc.

After drag and drop sections to grids , settings for every sections will appear just below Grid section.You can easily configure every sections as per your requirements .

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